Introduction to Drawing

A free, interactive course in basic drawing skills.

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Head of a Woman, by Harold B. Stone
Head of a Woman, by Harold B. Stone

Drawing is the cornerstone of the graphic, plastic arts. Drawing is the coordination of line, tone, and color symbols into formations that express the artist's thought.
—John Sloan

This course is a work in progress. A few years ago I wrote the basic drawing curriculum for a group of colleges, and now I'm converting it to a web-delivered, interactive format. I'm putting the lessons on the web as I make them, so if something is incomplete, it's probably because I haven't finished it yet. Thanks for looking!

This is an ad-supported introductory course designed to help you learn to express yourself with drawing.

This course will be helpful to fine artists, illustrators designers, animators, and others who use drawing in their jobs. It can be used as a self-study as well as part of a formal drawing course.

Each section consists of:

  • a few introductory questions.
  • a lesson presentation.
  • an assignment
  • a set of assessment questions.

The questions are to help you assess your learning; no personally-identifiable information is collected by this web.

The chapters are self-contained, so if you have a particular interest, you can go through them out of sequence. If, after I have finished placing this course on line, you complete the lessons in they order they are presented in the course table of contents, you will have received a balanced overview of basic drawing skills.

Are you ready to start? Here is Lesson 1.

Here is the Course Table of Contents.

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