Sketchbook Assignment

sketchbook assignment

The best way to use your sketchbook is to draw in it a few times every week. Of course, the more practice you get, the better you will be able to draw, but for this course of study, plan on 50 sketchbook drawing sessions of at least 30 minutes each.


  • For best results, budget the time for your sketchbook sessions.
  • Draw whatever you would like to draw (pretty much), in whatever manner you choose. Refer to the sketchbook presentation for suggestions.
  • The purpose of the sketchbook is to reinforce skills you are acquiring while you are taking this course. Use your sketchbook drawings to creatively apply the new skills you are learning.
  • Review your sketchbook every ten drawings; on the last page you have worked on, write down the date and make some notes about how your drawings have improved, and goals for how you will make your next set of drawings better.
  • You might find the Drawing Critique Worksheet questions helpful when you evaluate your work. These questions may not apply to every type of drawing you have made in your sketchbook, but thinking about them will help you develop your own drawing standards.
  • If you want to, ask others for feedback on your sketchbook drawings.

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